Saturday, 9 June 2012

The best bread

I have made a few batches of  bread, but it tends to come out chewy. It is ok for spreading with butter and pate or cheese, but not much use for sandwiches.

I finally got round to trying this recipe (seriously, go there and check it out). It makes, without doubt, the best homemade bread I have ever done. In fact, I have made some most weekends since I tried it. It even got the thumbs up from the OH who is usually not bothered by homemade bread.

The rolls are soft and perfect for burgers or filling with tuna, cheese, ham or whatever else you fancy. 

They do come out looking and feeling like they will be crispy but they soften as they cool.

I have made a couple of variations too, the top right in the picture have 50g of sugar and 100g of sultanas added to the mix. Next time I would make the dough with the sugar and add the sultanas in at the end, they got rather squished.

I have done some wholemeal ones too. Nothing complicated here, just switch the flour for wholemeal.