Friday, 18 May 2012

Melton cheese festival

Last weekend was the Melton Artisan Cheese festival. The £1 entry was definitely worth it, about forty vendors, offering tasters of a huge range of cheeses.

After a round of the venue we each picked our favourites, I opted for Coquetdale, a great chedder.

We also picked up some Stichelton (I think that is spelt right), a blue cheese that passed the taste test of an ex stilton maker.

There were a couple of non cheese vendors, some chocolate, UK sourced wine, pork pies, cake and a couple of ciders. This box of cider came home with us. I preferred the sparkling but the OH liked the still.

There was an excellent fruit cake made by Dickinson and Morris (the pork pie people). It is called Melton Hunt cake and is amazing. Unfortunately I can't find a recipe anywhere and didn't pick any up. I will have to find a recipe that looks similar and tweak it.

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