Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fleece sorting in the sunshine

This lovely weather has also given me an opportunity to sort a fleece that has been waiting since shearing last year.

I took the fleece out into the garden and spread it out, then armed with a clean bucket and a chair (appropriately patriotic for this week, but that was not intentional!) got to work.

The fleece was pulled into handfulls then the locks pulled out from each handful. A lock of sheep fleece looks like this:

It is a clump, usually stuck together at the top end and fluffier at the butt end which comes from closest to the body (it really is called that).

With this fleece I was really brutal, anything dirty or weak got put in the scrap pile. In the end that was probably about two thirds of the fleece, but I have other non spinning plans for that.

The next step will be to wash the locks to remove the dirt and grease, pictures of that to come soon.

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