Monday, 22 August 2011

Ibstock country show

Yesterday (Sun 21st August) was the Ibstock country show. I found the details while I was looking for craft shows and decided it was worth a look, especially as it was such a gorgeous sunny day.

Although it was a little smaller than I expected from the website details it was very enjoyable. We arrived just after it started, I think it would have been better to get there at about 12 as we would have caught more of the arena entertainment. Nevermind, we walked around the stalls and through the craft tent, I very uncharacteristically resisted buying both yarn and spinning fibre. Watched some pony club games in the arena (those kids are crazy!) and a remote control helicopter demo and had an ice cream.

There were a few animal stands too, which always pleases me, I took pictures of those.

Shires getting ready for a demo in the arena later on.

 A Lincoln long wool sheep

Very large French lop bunny

Assorted poultry

Pigs (mmmm, bacon!)

Two steam engines, an organ arrived a little later too.

And a display of vintage cars of various sorts and ages, I particularly liked this one, it is very "Bertie Wooster"

There were a lot of other things happening, dog shows, bands, displays etc but we headed home after we had done a few laps of the field. I would go again, but like I said at the top of the post would probably head over a little later to catch more of the action.


  1. Was looking for the blog "alittlebitsheepish" and found your Etsy shop. Didn't you have a blog by that same title? Anyway, now I am following you!

    I went through your previous posts here, and it looks like you have lovely days and a real creative bent!

  2. Hiya, I still have "If the knit fits..." which I use for talking about fibre related projects and very occasionally other things, it can be found here-

    This blog has more of my non knitting/spinning activities that didn't really fit on my first blog- gardening, food, day trips, other crafts etc