Sunday, 15 May 2011

Garden activities

The weekend was meant to be full of garden activities- planting, planting out and generally moving things around. Unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate so I took refuge inside with some crafty activities instead.

A few activities from the week before:

The tomatoes went outside into a bed next to the path. A large sheet of plastic left over from a totally unrelated project is acting as a temporary greenhouse/cloche.

A blackberry bush has been added to the fruit area. I am hoping this will produce some tasty berries as I was in two minds about buying a cultivated blackberry plant, after all they are available for free but somehow I seem to miss the best ones. Plus I know these have not been peed on by passing dogs, and as an added bonus- thornless!

Finally the easiest sort of gardening, the bits that take care of themselves. Apart from a little bit of weaving through the trellis this rose bush has been largely ignored (possibly why the other bushes have died!?). Last week it burst into a very impressive display and it looks like there will be more to come in another week or so.

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