Monday, 2 May 2011

Grow sloe grow

A major car failure last week meant bank holiday activities had to be within walking distance.

A walk along the canal found these little guys out for a swim.

We also did some footpath exploring in the local area.

A good plan for the future is to actually take the map rather than looking at it then heading out. We took a different route to the one planned and ended up on the other side of town to where we expected.

On the upside the route came out near our favourite sloe tree. The location of this is a household secret as it is loaded with excellent sloes in the autumn. A little tricky to get to, but more than worth the effort.

A close inspection showed up some berries growing well (are they berries,? I think maybe not, seem to remember QI says berries have multiple seeds inside).

I gave the tree a few words of encouragement and we headed for home. Hopefully there will be a good crop at the end of the year.

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