Sunday, 8 May 2011

Go pony go!

Not that I think all the trainers and owners (I am reliably told the combined term is connections) would appreciate me calling their lovely horses ponies.

Yesterday we went to the point to point racing at Garthorpe, just East of Melton Mowbray. Having looked on a map this is really the only course particularly near us and it is a very nice one. The slope down from the weighing room and ring to the edge of the course and then back up again means you can see most of the way round the course from next to the parade ring.

There were in fact some ponies to cheer for, the day started with two pony races. Some incredibly brave kids (I would not be able to do it) zooming around the track.

The main races followed, beautiful horses of course.

We almost didn't go because of the looming black clouds in the morning, but the weather turned out fantastic, lovely sunshine with maybe a little too much wind. The going was judged as good due to the course having been watered and a few good rain showers in the days before.

The biggest weather related problem was that a lot of people had decided not to bring their horses thinking the ground would be too hard. Two of the races only had one entrant- even I could pick the winner there!

The other five races had enough to make a good race and I even picked a couple of winners, mostly by the age old method of chosing the name I liked best!

Here is Victor Grump coming in from the seventh race. He won the maiden race and netted me a whole £1.75- Good lad!

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