Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Loughborough Farmer's Market June 2011

Today was the Farmer's Market in Loughbrough, it was a lucky find because despite knowing that it is the second Wednesday of the month I always forget and miss it. I went into town to post a parcel and there it was.

In fact, this month's market was a good one as there were extra stalls on a "Green and ethical" theme. This meant lots of crafty things to look at and a few environmental stalls. I even found a lady selling wool but none that took my fancy today.

I would have taken my camera if I had realised but I have a photo of my purchases instead.

I picked up six free range eggs, three duck eggs, some black pudding, faggots and casserole steak.

There are quite a few meat stalls to choose from with a range of meats- chicken, beef lamb, pork, even ostrich. The three meaty purchases were all from the Woodhouse Farm stall as we tried their beef last month and found it very tasty.

Duck eggs had been recommended to us for boiled eggs. We gave some supermarket ones a try but really couldn't tell the difference so not worth the extra, they are not even much bigger. These on the other hand are HUGE compared to the chicken eggs so we shall see how they taste.

Next time I am going to have a look at the free range chickens available. I have my suspicions that Tesco have put their prices up as the approximately £8.50 bird I usually buy seems smaller and had a shorter cooking time. This might make the £/kg more competitive with the added bonus of local.

There were also a choice of veg sellers and baked goodies, but it was all about the meat and eggs for me today. I am never totally sold on the provenance of veg at some of the markets, I suspect they are just the same as at a typical market or from a supermarket in terms of sourcing and quality. I may investigate this next month.

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