Friday, 24 June 2011

Strawberry season, part one

I love strawberry season, but unfortunately the plants in the garden have been a little reluctant this year. I suspect this is my fault as I decided to dig them out of the ground and move them to a planter type arrange,ent. Unfortunately the weekend I did this it was hot and dry and they looked sad for a few weeks.

Mostly they are just producing a berry here and there suitable for swiping and munching as you walk past. After a few days of no swiping I managed to gather this lot last night:

Almost enough there to use the word crop, as long as it is in very tiny letters, like these- crop.

In the autumn I will have to make a decision on replacing the plants. I hate to dig up anything that is growing well, but they are a few years old (aparently general garden wisdom says they only do three to four years) and it would be nice to try some other varieties.

When the weather perks up it will be off to the nearby pick your own at Wymeswold for the annual "pick more strawberries than you actually know what to do with" afternoon.

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